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Shirley Casey

Ed - I really like this,could I put it on "Tonys Newsletter?


Ed Parkinson

Hi Shirley

Thanks for your nice comment.
I'd be happy for you to publish the Spiritual Tools - the HU Song on your blog Tony's Newsletter. Can you put in this credit at the end:
Orignially published on www.SpiritualArtBlog.com by Ed Parkinson, copyright 2008.

Shirley Casey

Ed - I have put "Spiritual Tools - the HU Song" on "Tonys Newsletter",can you please have a look at it Ed and let me know its ok


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Account Deleted

Having a spiritual balance is not as easy as 1-2-3 but your post is very helpful. I would also like to add that surrounding yourself with spiritual art could help increase the balance within. I find the spiritual artworks at http://www.theartofhappiness.net very helpful and interesting.

Ed Parkinson

Hi Renzalcantar,
Balance is a constant struggle but with the HU Song and the inspirational art on this site and yours, hopefully it makes the task a little easier.
*Ed P


I'm happy I found this article,its great!

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